Home Media Setup

I thought I would share how my Media streaming is setup at home.
It’s complicated a little by a kind of cross-platform devices but it works for me.
Downstairs I have a little Shuttle PC that sits under the TV and records stuff from FreeView. That sits above a Sky HD Box that records all of the HD stuff I like to watch.

I also have an XBox setup with NetFlix, BBC iPlayer, 4OD, Channel 5 OnDemand and Lovefilm.

The Shuttle PC is running Windows 7 Media Center and has a dual tuner card. This records onto an SSD drive and then archives the recordings off to a HP MediaSmart Home Server.

Then in the bedroom upstairs I have a litter Acer Revo Nettop computer that streams the recordings off the Web Server. I also have a little Apple TV device also for Netflix and if there is something on iTunes I would like to watch.