Memories of Reykjavik

I wrote this down for a friend who is planning a trip there.

I thought I’d blog about it for everyone else’s benefit.

This might be a bit random stream of consciousness as I write this but I hope it helps.

You’ll probably  be landing at Keflavik which is a bit away from the main centre.

The Blue Lagoon ( is near the Airport so you might want to consider making it one of the first or last things you do if time is a factor.

You can book trips to it when you’re there or book tickets online before you go.

The next thing to know is that they leave their headlights on all of the time which takes a bit of getting used to.


The town itself is very compact and easy to work around.

I really liked walking around the lake near the City Hall.
Swimming Pools are a big thing there and there are a number of public pools which are relatively inexpensive and they have steam baths or saunas and hot tubs.|
The National Museum of Iceland is also very interesting.
This might not be your thing but the Icelandic Phallogical Museum is well, dedicated to penises and I enjoyed it as it’s a bit goofy and off the wall.

(Perhaps NSFW )

If you like architecture or churches then Hallgrímskirkja is the biggest church in Iceland and I think it’s beautiful. and I think you can walk up the tower although this isn’t something I did.
There are plenty of cool restaurants and bars and one that’s worth a special mention is Kaffibarinn.
I think Damon Albarn still owns it and you’ll know you’re there when you see the London Underground type sign.

In general most places were good.

If you’re going during the twilight season please be aware that most people won’t be going out until at least 12 or maybe later.

If you do go to a club then don’t be surprised if “Nellie the Elephant” is the last song they play. It’s a tradition there apparently.
Day Trips
I don’t know how long you’re going for but these are most sees (in my opinion)

I think we went on a Golden Circle Tour which covered this in one day.