“The Little Stranger” Book Review

Just finished reading “The Little Stranger” by Sarah Waters. I should probably start by saying that I absolutely loved The Night Watch by the same author. So all of the things I loved about the “The Night Watch” are also present here in this book.

This is a story of a Doctor in Gloucestershire who starts to work with a family who live in an old manor house and how they start to become closer and then strange things start to happen.

I’ve not read a lot of books about the time in which the book is set. It’s post World War Two and rationing is still in effect and one of the lead characters was involved in the war. It’s the little touches I like about how did you maintain an estate in those days? How did a bachelor doctor live and work and what were their thoughts about the soon to be established National Health Service?

Ms. Waters answered these questions and you are quite quickly drawn into the world of this book and of it’s characters and that is the main appeal of the book for me.

I won’t talk too much about the ghost story aspect of it but it was also done very well and rang true.

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