Learning how to Bake.

So I really enjoy the TV show “The Great British Bake-Off”¬†and this year have been tempted to give it a go myself.
Last weekend I bought the Paul Hollywood book “How to Bake” but before I delved into this I decided to try an Irish family favourite.
So I followed Darina Allen’s recipe from the “Ballymaloe Cookery Course” book.
The same recipe is available on her website at

Brown Bread

And here is the end result and it tastes very nice if I do say so myself!


In July I spent a couple of days in Berlin with Paddy, Bobby, Feargal and Justin.
I arrived first and spent a day and half just wondering about and getting used to the city.

Then the rest of the lads came over and we had a good time wondering around and seeing the sights and sounds of Berlin.

What I liked the most about it is the distinct neighbourhoods each with their own feel and bars and restaurants. I was also impressed about the good public transport system.

Will I go back again? Yes I would but probably later on in the year when it isn’t so hot.

The Pictures are up on Flickr Here